DragCon UK 2024 - LOAD IN Details!!

Load In to DragCon with 8 Easy Steps! 
Happy New Year!!! DragCon UK 2024 is here and we can't wait to see you! 
Please read all eight steps below, (trust me) it will answer all your questions!! 

1- Exhibitor Move In Dates and Times.

You can find move in dates, times, venue location, booth packages, official show hours, and current map here:  UK Exhibiting Details

2- Know Your Booth Number
If you are talent, you can find your booth number here: Talent Booth Numbers
If you are an exhibitor, you can find your booth number here: Exhibitor Booth Numbers

3- How Do I Pick Up My Credentials? 
Due to some companies having different staff members on move in days vs event days, we are changing the credential process a bit. Please read the new directions carefully below. 
Please pick up your credentials at the S11 entrance of South Hall. You will see a designated area for badge pick up. Once you find the area, please join the queue and our staff will help you. The S11 Blvd entry point, is closest to the east entry side, near Prince Regent.      

We only need one person from each team to join the line queue. That team member only needs to share two facts to check in: Name of Brand, Name of Point of Contact for Brand. You will then be given a packet that holds all the credentials attached to your company name that you will need for event days. We cannot do partial pick ups, you are responsible for distributing your passes to your team members for the weekend.

All credentials in the packet are for official DragCon event days only!! For move in and set up, you need to pick up a temp wristband from security. Security will be at the entrance to the hall, right after you pick up your packet. Group your team together, show the guard that you have a packet, and he will hand you a temp wristbands for your team.  

In short: 
  • In order to be in the hall during set up, you do not need to wear your exhibitor wristband, you need to wear your temp wristband from security. This temp wristband will grant you access to walk in and out as you please during the set up day only.  
  • However, in order to gain access to the hall space on Saturday and Sunday, temp wristbands will not be accepted. You will need to wear your official DragCon credentials from the packet. 

4- Loading Dock / Lorry way
If you are driving in and need to unload your vehicle, please review the document here: Loading Areas For Vehicles
If you plan to unload or load up a vehicle, please book a slot as you won't be allowed access if you just turn up without a booking. Details in the link above.  
You can unload your vehicle first, then go pick up your badges. You will need to move your vehicle to the parking lot as your unloading time is limited. But once you start setting up your actual booth space, everyone needs to wear their temp wristband from security.  

5- How Many Badges Am I getting? 
Booth exhibitors get four exhibitor passes per 3m x 3m reserved. If you purchased additional exhibitor passes, they will be included in your badge pick up packet. 

6- End of Day Clean Up

On Friday, all exhibitor spaces must be ready by 4:45pm, as all exhibitors will be asked to exit the hall at 5pm.
On Saturday, doors close to the public at 6pm. Exhibitors have 45 minutes to reset their booth space if needed to prep for the next day. 
All exhibitors are invited to join us at both after parties at the main stage. Your exhibitor credential will grant you entry. All exhibitors will need to exit the hall. If you are staying for the after party, please queue with the attendees for re entry. The entire hall needs to be cleared before we can re-open our doors.   

7- OMG

Congratulations, you made it to the bottom of the list!

8- Thank You

You make DragCon possible, thank you for being a part of our World of Wonder! 

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