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Exhibitor Booth Details

Each Stall is a 3 x 3m space which includes the following:

  • Basic Shell with 1 back wall, low sidewalls
  • 1 wastebasket
  • 1 Bistro Table with 1 Chair
  • Stall nameboard
  • 500w Electrical
  • 4 exhibitor tickets

The Corner Upgrade will ensure one side of your stall area is open to an aisle. The Island Upgrade will ensure there are no stalls directly adjacent to your stall. A Corner Upgrade is not necessary when purchasing an Island Upgrade, but it does require the purchase of at least 4 Stalls. Upgrade Costs are in addition to the cost of the your stall. Upgrades do not include any additional walls, tables, electrical, chairs.

Additional Electricity, WiFi, and other services must be contracted directly from the decorator or convention center, and will have additional costs. Closer to the event, after your application is accepted and we receive your deposit, you will receive an Trading Pack with detailed information, guidelines, instructions, and rates for services

Move In & Out Hours

Days Times
Friday 8:00 to 16:30
Sunday 16:00 - 22:00

Trader Tickets

Exhibitor tickets are to be used only be those working for / on behalf of the exhibitor. They allow special access to the show floor during move-in. They are not VIP tickets, and cannot be used to skip lines or for other VIP perks. Additional Exhibitor tickets can be purchased, if needed.

Trading Pack

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Floor Map

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Trader Checklist

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