Exhibiting Tips

Here are some tips to make the most of your DragCon weekend.

Be Prepared

Know the Show Hours. All exhibitors are required to be open during DragCon's open hours, including the VIP hours. 

Bring Help. The show floor is busy and you'll need to take breaks. Whether it's grabbing food, using the restroom, or doing some shopping yourself, you'll want to have someone to help cover your booth.

Take care of yourself. Bring snacks, water, and wear comfy shoes.


Make sure you read the exhibitor packet when it's sent to you. You can keep your costs down by ordering everything you need 30 days out. This includes internet, power, extra tables, and more.

Make your booth a must see by including a photo op or other interactive experience. Make sure the setup and/or design is inviting.

In order to avoid impacting other booth's operations, sound from your booth (music, video playback, etc) can not exceed 85 decibels.

Your booth must be accessible for everyone, including those using wheelchairs or other assisted devices.


Make sure your fans and customers know you'll be exhibiting at DragCon. Use the exhibitor flyer you received to promote on social media and your website. If you have a physical store, make sure you put up signs. A successful way to get attendees to visit your booth is to offer something exclusive, that they can only get during DragCon. 

Line Management

Please notify your DragCon contact if you are planning to have any talent at your booth. We want to make this the best experience possible for exhibitors, attendees, and talent. Notifying us in advance allows us to plan for any lines that form at your booth. If a long line is expected, you may be required to rent stanchions.

If you plan to have talent at your booth only at certain times, make sure you promote that schedule in advance.

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