Meeting RuPaul In Los Angeles

This Article Is About DragCon LA 2018

RuPaul will be signing autographs and taking pictures Saturday and Sunday of RuPaul's DragCon LA. Separate tickets are required to join the line and can be picked up during DragCon at the RuPaul Retail Counter, booth #1375, starting on Friday. Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis, so we recommend you stop by booth #1375 as soon as possible.

Each ticket will be have a return time that will depend on the type of ticket (autograph or photograph), and how many tickets have already been given out. You must return to RuPaul's booth during the hour on your ticket, at which point you will join either the VIP or the General Admission lines. Those with VIP badges will get priority.

Attendees without tickets or those who arrive after the hour on their ticket, can wait in the standby line which will be allowed in if the VIP and General Admission lines complete.
You will be charged for the autograph or photograph as you approach the front of the line, before proceeding to meet RuPaul.


For autographs, once you pay, please write your name legibly in block letters on a post-it note and place it above the space to be autographed. One item can be autographed per ticket, and up to 2 people can enter the booth to meet RuPaul together.


For photographs, once you pay, you and one other attendee can enter the booth to have for your photo taken with RuPaul. You will collect your printed 8x10 photo upon exiting the booth.

RuPaul Merchandise

RuPaul's booth (#1375) will have exclusive RuPaul Merchandise, including albums, candles, t-shirts, pins, totes, hats and more! Merchandise sales will be available on Friday!

Schedule and pricing information will be available onsite

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