DragCon LA 2022 - Load In!

Load In to DragCon with 10 Easy Steps! 
OMG! I can't believe we get to see each other IRL next week! 
Please read all ten steps below, (trust me) it will answer all your questions!! 

1- Exhibitor Move In Dates and Times

You can find move in dates, times, venue location, booth packages, and current map here:  LA Exhibiting Details

2- Know Your Booth Number
If you are talent, you can find your booth number here: Talent Booth Numbers
If you are an exhibitor, you can find your booth number here: Exhibitor Booth Numbers

3- Covid Policy

All attendees 5 years and older must provide proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test upon entry into the venue(taken within 48 hours of walking through the doors). Please note: if you are going to be showing test results for entry, and are attending for multiple days, you may need to re-test in order to comply with the 48 hour window requirements. 

At home tests will not be accepted.

DragCon uses the CDC's definition of fully vaccinated, which currently states you are fully vaccinated when you have received all doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible. Details can be found on the CDC website.

If an attendee does not have a vaccination card or negative test with them upon arrival, they may utilize on-site COVID testing to gain proof of negative test. On-site testing is $50 per test and must be paid for via cash or Venmo. Wait time is 10 minutes for results. If an attendee tests positive on-site, they will not be allowed entry to the event.

As of now, masks are optional but recommended - however, vendor and talent booths may have their own rules in place that require masks for shopping/M&G’s. DragCon will provide masks on site for attendees who are in need of them.

DragCon's first priority is always the health and safety of everyone involved. Given how quickly information and safety requirements surrounding COVID-19 change, our guidelines are subject to change.

Refusal to cooperate with these procedures on site will result in ejection from the venue without refund.    

4- You Are Now Cleared for Badge Pick Up
Once you have completed the above, you may now enter the South Hall lobby to pick up your badges! Once you pick up your badges, you are all set for the entire weekend! You will not be asked to show your status again as long as you are wearing your badge/lanyard. Credentials must be worn at all times!! Attendees will be asked to show their status every time they re-enter the building, not exhibitors. 

5- How Do I Pick Up My Badges? 
Please review the map below  that points out where the exhibitor and talent entrance is for the South Hall lobby. You have a designated entry way to the south hall lobby all week. Once inside, please join the line queue for badge pick up at the talent/press check in counter. 
We only need one person from each team to join the line queue. That team member only needs to share two facts to check in: Name of Brand, Name of Point of Contact for Brand. You will then be given all the credentials under your name. We cannot do partial pick ups, you are responsible for distributing your passes to your team members.

6- Loading Dock
Now that you have your badges, you can now unload your vehicle in the back dock. You aren't sure how to get there? Please review the map below for your reference. Once you check in at the bottom of the ramp, they will hand you a 30 minute dock pass to unload. 
Reminder, you have 30 minutes to unload and move your car before it gets ticketed or towed. You cannot park in the loading dock area. If you are clearly moving large items, you won't be ticketed. But if the vehicle remains untouched and 30 minutes pass by, the Convention Center will issue tickets. If you have a smaller set up, you can absolutely park in the garage and hand carry your items in. Once you are done unloading, please move your car to the parking garage.

7- How Many Badges Am I getting? 
Artists tables get two exhibitor passes each. Booth exhibitors get four exhibitor passes per 10x10 purchased. If you purchased additional exhibitor passes, they will be included in your badge pick up packet. 
If you still need to purchase additional exhibitor passes for your team, you can do so here: Exhibitor Badge Ticket Page

8- End of Day Clean Up

Doors close to the general public at 6pm on Friday and Saturday night. Exhibitors have one hour to reset their booth space if needed to prep for the next day. All exhibitors will need to exit the building by 7p. 

9- OMG

Congratulations, you made it to the bottom of the list!

10- Thank You

You make DragCon possible, thank you for being a part of our World of Wonder! 

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